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Math Learning Games

Make math practice fun and effective with this cool app for kids - Ahaaa! MathUp helps kids get better at math with small exercises that boots their abilities and their confidence. Our app throws up activities based on the grade, level of understanding, and strengths and weaknesses of your child. The app acts as a tutor, but a fun one, teaching multiplications, divisions, additions, subtractions, fractions and more.

Ahaaa! Number Adventure

Number Games

Make maths fun with this cool iPhone and iPad app - Ahaaa! Number Adventure helps players get better at math with small excesses that boots their abilities and their confidence.

This app allows children and adults to explore a variety of arithmetic concepts through gameplay:

> Mental Math – improve the fluency for mental math

> Problem Solving – use various ways to make the targets

> Number Sense – boost early math skill

Ahaaa! Number Monster

Math Education

Looking for an engaging math game for your child? Number Monster will keep your kid playing for hours. It's great for kids aged 3-10. Play it once & they'll get the hang of it. Play it again & they'll grasp addition & subtraction within 20. Next thing you know, they’ve spent hours playing and they're killing it in math classes.

Ahaaa! Sudoku Tour

logic game for kids

The animal sudoku puzzle game is specifically designed for children beginners. This game will capture children’s attention and open up a whole new world of sudoku for them. Even preschoolers are able to master the 3×3, 4×4 and 6×6 puzzle easily. With the developing difficulty level of the game, children can be attracted by the fun of logical reasoning little by little.

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